Sensor Platforms


The SEAHAWK Electro Optical Fire Control System (EOFCS) in service with the UK Royal Navy as part of the Type 23 Frigate capability upgrade programme.

System accuracy and response, coupled with the high quality sensor fit, provides excellent extended range with essential rapid, accurate weapon control capabilities against air targets or highly mobile Fast Inshore Attack Craft (FIAC) swarm attacks. In addition providing an excellent situational awareness capability.

The System incorporates:-

  • Lightweight compact system
  • Ability to be fitted to all sizes of vessel
  • Long range sensor suite
  • Spatial coordinate ballistic computer
  • Control of Naval Weapons between 30mm and 76mm calibres.

AZL Submarine Mast

MSI-DS supplies and supports the non-hull penetrating AZL submarine radar mast to the UK Royal Navy, which is currently fitted to all UK SSNs and SSBNs.

The technology used to develop the AZL mast has also been incorporated into the SEAHAWK range of gun systems to prevent water ingress into the gun mounting.

Stabilised Platforms

Utilising the same proven open architecture used in the acclaimed SEAHAWK weapon system, MSI-DS Stabilised Platforms are highly accurate and able to maintain fine levels of stabilisation resolution and reliability through the use of digital electronic control techniques.

Capable of operating in exposed ship locations using ship's own power supply, our Stabilised Platforms are also fully scalable from lightweight single sensor platforms through to multi-sensor or heavyweight payloads such as ECM, Search Radar, etc.