The SEAHAWK DS REMOTE gun mounting is the mainstay of the SEAHAWK family of gun systems. In service with 16 countries worldwide the SEAHAWK DS REMOTE mounting has a long-standing reputation for class-leading accuracy coupled to proven reliability and maintainability.

The aluminium uni-body construction confers maximum structural stiffness whilst maintaining the low magnetic signature required for many naval vessel applications. That same structural stiffness contributes to very low shot dispersion, a defining characteristic of the SEAHAWK DS REMOTE mounting. The SEAHAWK DS REMOTE mounting also features a fully-stabilised reversionary on-mount local control, with a battery backup should ship’s power not be available.

Designed from the outset to operate in a green sea environment, the SEAHAWK DS REMOTE mounting features fully environmentally sealed body and Line Replaceable Units. The mounting is non-deck penetrating allowing ease of installation for both new and retrofit applications. The modular construction allows the mounting to be equipped with multiple cannon calibres from 25mm through to 40mm, with options for additional effectors to be mounted co-axially such as 7.26mm machine gun pod or missile/rocket packs.

Equipped with the latest MSI-DS servo control and stabilisation system the SEAHAWK DS REMOTE is fully stabilised, and features a highly adaptable interface to allow mount control from almost any third party Fire Control or Combat Management System.


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  • SEAHAWK Gun Mounting (Dual or Single feed)
  • Ammunition capacity: 400 rds
  • Ship’s CMS data / control link
  • Optional reversionary control at the mounting
  • 25mm, 30mm and 40mm cannon options
  • Coaxial 7.62mm option

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