The SEAHAWK LW A2 gun system combines the SEAHAWK Lightweight Gun Mounting with a high accuracy, low mass, off mount Electro Optical Director (EOD). The EOD maximises the engagement envelope against high-speed surface and air targets as well as providing 360° situational awareness.

Utilising the same advanced gun fire control system used for the larger SEAHAWK DS, the SEAHAWK LW A2 exhibits high levels of accuracy and precision and is ideally suited for the smaller vessel operating in a high threat environment. Although typically equipped with a 20mm cannon, the SEAHAWK LW A2 mounting can be fitted with cannons of a number of different calibres including 23mm, 25mm and lightweight 30mm.

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  • SEAHAWK LW gun mounting
  • Ammunition capacity: 200 rds (150 rds 14.5mm Heavy Machine Gun)
  • 360° Electro Optical Director equipped with:
    • 3-5μm Thermal Imager
    • Low Light Colour TV Camera
    • Laser Range Finder
  • Video Auto Tracker
  • Ballistic Computer and Predictor
  • Ergonomic control console with high resolution display
  • Optional ship’s CMS data / control link
  • Trunnion module mounting point allows for additional modules to be equipped in addition to the main armament, such as:
    • Long Range Acoustic Device
    • Laser Dazzler
    • Dual LMM missile pack
    • Coaxial 7.62mm option
  • Weapon options include 14.5mm Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) and 25mm & 30mm cannons

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