MSI-DS at Commando Warrior

MSI-DS at Commando Warrior

MSI-Defence Systems Ltd, working in partnership with BAE Systems Ltd, recently participated in the latest Commando Warrior exercise, demonstrating the capabilities of the MSI-DS SEAHAWK MWS and the BAE Systems P950 Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) platform.

During the March 2019 Commando Warrior exercise the Team demonstrated multiple engagements with the P950 USV against Fast Attack Craft targets, with the MSI-DS SEAHAWK MWS 12.7mm gun system successfully acquiring, tracking and carrying out simulated engagements of live maneuvering targets in challenging sea conditions.

The MSI-DS SEAHAWK MWS was selected in 2018 to be the 12.7mm Remote Weapon Station of choice to equip the BAE Systems P950 USV demonstrator. Successful integration trials were completed in late 2018 with follow-on performance firing trials for the MSI-DS SEAHAWK MWS completed in February 2019. The results of trials demonstrated “best in class” levels of accuracy and dispersion, in keeping with reputation of the MSI-DS SEAHAWK family of gun systems.

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