Skills and Technology

To meet the demands of our customers, MSI-Defence Systems (MSI-DS) is dedicated to the efficient production of high-quality defence equipment through precision engineering and control. The Company combines its accumulated experience and expertise in many fields and has made major investments in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

MSI-DS is quality approved to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2004. A Total Quality Management Systems flows through all aspects of the Company.

Manufacturing skills cover fabrication, mechanical, electro-mechanical, electronic, high pressure hydraulic and pneumatic processes using a wide range of materials including various metals, rubbers, plastics and composites.

The naval marine environment is one of the most demanding areas for military system applications. Practical methodologies are applied across the range of Company systems to combine both mature and innovative techniques to enhance first time success.


MSI-DS continues to lead the field in fully-stabilised, high accuracy, small calibre naval gun systems. Motion stabilisation, advanced servo design and implementation is incorporated in hundreds of Company supplied systems in worldwide operation.  Over recent years this specialisation has been central to much of the Company’s business and has resulted in the development of a world-leading capability, achieving levels of system accuracy which are unsurpassed.  MSI-DS uniquely is the IPR holder for the majority of our products allowing for rapid innovation to meet market demands.


MSI-DS has invested heavily in our 16,000m² Norwich site with new enhanced production line facilities and continued investment in our stores management systems.  Research and Development facilities have been improved with the addition of new test units and additive manufacturing capability for rapid prototyping. These investments have allowed MSI-DS to maintain the capability to react rapidly to ongoing technological and marketplace changes.

Training & Skills

MSI-DS looks to continuously improve techniques and skills throughout the workforce through timely investment in skills and training. MSI-DS operates technical apprenticeship schemes with staff often taking further supported education to degree and MBA levels. In addition, specific courses covering new technologies and skills assist in maintaining an experienced and skilled workforce.