MSI-DS Launches New Products at DSEI 2019

MSI-DS Launches New Products at DSEI 2019

MSI Defence Systems Ltd – Press Release – DSEI 10th September 2019

MSI-Defence Systems Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of it’s MSI-DS TERRAHAWK Remote Weapon Station (RWS) at DSEI 2019.  This new addition to the MSI-DS product portfolio represents a first foray into the land weapon systems market for MSI-DS.  The MSI-DS TERRAHAWK RWS combines the proven reputation of the SEAHAWK family of gun systems for reliability and unmatched accuracy, with optimisations for vehicle integration, compact flexible fire-control and multiweapon modularity.

Presented at DSEI 2019 on a HMMWV test platform, the MSI-DS TERRAHAWK RWS shown fitted with M2HB 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun, is suitable for integration into both legacy and new build vehicles.  The modular system is also designed for ease of integration into unmanned platforms for remote operation.

Following successful extensive sea trials earlier this year on the BAE Systems P950 Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) demonstrator, the MSI-DS SEAHAWK Multi Weapon Station (MWS) has recently completed successful firing trials at sea proving the remote firing capabilities and demonstrating the MSI-DS SEAHAWK MWS exceptional accuracy at extended ranges.

The MSI-DS TERRAHAWK RWS & MSI-DS SEAHAWK MWS platforms have been designed from the outset as fully modular weapon stations.   In year qualification programs include 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher, DShK 12.7mm and KPV 14.5mm Heavy Machine Guns. Through axis ammunition feed path options give flexibility of ammunition stowage and quantity.  The unique mechanical structure allows for customisation with minimal adaptation to suit more demanding installations and requirements, including missile and directed energy payloads.

First production orders for MSI-DS TERRHAWK RWS and MSI-DS SEAHAWK MWS are in manufacture and systems are available to order.

MSI-DS will also be demonstrating the new MSI-DS SEAHAWK LW30M at DSEI 2019.  The proven MSI-DS SEAHAWK Light Weight (LW) mounting has been designed to accommodate the Northrop Grumman MK44s 30mm cannon in addition to the existing KPV 14.5mm, KAA 20mm and M242 25mm options.  The integration of the MK44s cannon in the MSI-DS SEAHAWK LW mounting offers navies and coastal authorities a lightweight, reliable and cost-effective solution with an extended range capability and unmatched accuracy in this market segment.  The MSI-DS SEAHAWK LW30M incorporates dual ammunition feed capability allowing for dissimilar ammunition selection or greater ammunition capacity.  The MSI-DS SEAHAWK LW30 has recently received its first production order following on from previous sales of 14.5mm and 20mm variants.  All MSI-DS SEAHAWK LW gun systems have been delivered with an EOD suite comprising a day camera, thermal Imaging camera, laser rangefinder and Fire Control System (FCS).

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About MSI

MSI-Defence Systems (MSI-DS) is a world leader in the supply and support of small/medium calibre Naval Gun Systems and has been at the forefront of naval gunfire control technology for over 100 years.  Over 300 of the highly acclaimed MSI-DS SEAHAWK and MSI-DS TERRAHAWK family of Gun Systems have been delivered to or are on order for over 20 international end users.  MSI-DS gun systems have been developed from combat experience, fulfilling multi-role requirements for a variety of naval, military and constabulary services.

MSI-DS is a subsidiary of MS INTERNATIONAL, a UK based plc. It has extensive experience in the design, development and supply of defence products, with a reputation for innovation, quality and through-life support.

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