The MSI-DS SEAHAWK LW A1 configuration, with on mount sensor pod, allows for a consolidated system installation with the sensor fit adjustable to suit individual user requirements.

Equipped with an advanced gun fire control system with a dedicated control console, the MSI-DS SEAHAWK LW A1 system architecture allows for a small installation envelope, ideally suited to smaller vessels in a medium threat environment.

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  • MSI-DS SEAHAWK LW gun mounting
  • Ammunition capacity: 200 rds (150 rds 14.5mm Heavy Machine Gun)
  • On mount sensor pod typically equipped with:
    • 3-5μm Thermal Imager
    • Low Light Colour TV Camera
    • Laser Range Finder
  • Video auto tracker
  • Ballistic Computer and Predictor
  • Ergonomic control console with high resolution display
  • Optional ship’s CMS data / control link
  • Trunnion module mounting point allows for additional modules to be equipped in addition to the main armament, such as:
    • Long Range Acoustic Device
    • Laser Dazzler
    • Dual LMM missile pack
    • Coaxial 7.62mm option
  • Weapon options include 14.5mm Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) and 25mm & 30mm cannons

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