Surveillance Acquisition Targeting Optical System (SATOS)

MSI-Defence Systems (MSI-DS) has developed a new product line of long-range Surveillance Acquisition Targeting Optical Systems (SATOS) specifically engineered for the extremes of the naval operational environment. The SATOS base unit includes the latest generation high torque direct drive design, which provides the payload ability to integrate a wide range of high performance long-range Day Night All Weather EO sensors.

The high payload capability and versatile sensor chassis construction results in the optimum sensor choice to suit the required range and image clarity for surveillance to Target Acquisition. Both standard and ship specific mounting rings are available making the SATOS equally suitable for both new construction and in-service capability upgrade projects.

Our extensive knowledge and experience of designing for exposed superstructure locations onboard the ship has been incorporated. This ensures that the SATOS can endure everything from low temperature green water wash to high temperature, high humidity operational environments.

The base platform’s high torque zero backlash drive system and advanced stabilisation keeps the sensor on track whatever the ship’s movement in heavy seas. The Remote Operator Console (ROC) and HD display monitor presents a clear image for the Commander to assess the target’s intent early or be able to maintain effective surveillance at long range.

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  • High payload capability and versatile sensor chassis
  • Choice of long-range Day Night All Weather sensors
  • Versatile superstructure or mast mounting positions
  • Suitable for new build and retrofit programmes
  • Complete integrated package including the ROC
  • Interfaces with the ship’s Combat Management System (CMS) or Integrated Bridge
  • High performance stabilisation system with zero backlash
  • Auto tracking mode for long endurance surveillance of targets

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